Kinefinity Europe Warranty Policy

1. The warranty period is two years (24 months) after the date of sale of the product.

2. The following conditions must be met for the warranty to be valid:

1) The camera body serial number is the same as the serial number of the internal firmware;

2) The defect is not caused by user inflicted damage or negligence (i.e.: physical impact, water damage, extreme heat or fire, lightning strikes, improper use of electricity, etc.) or natural disasters.

3. Warranty is not valid in the following situations:

1) Unauthorised repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid injection, accident, alteration, quality problems caused by improper installation, or tearing, alteration of label, serial number, anti-counterfeiting mark;

2) The unit is faulty if it is combined with third-party accessories and accessories that have not been certified by the manufacturer;

3) Failure to use or keep in accordance with the requirements of the product description.

5. Warranty claims must be reported after the damage is noticed. User or dealer must provide all the information as required by Kinefinity-Europe's service staff.

6. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any other loss caused by the malfunction of their products, nor for any civil and criminal liability arising therefrom.

7. The user shall not disassemble the products in any way, attempt to crack the firmware of the machine, and communicate the firmware of the machine or the corresponding software (i.e. KineStation) to others without the written permission of the manufacturer. In case of violation, the manufacturer refuses to provide any after-sales service and warranty service, and the user bears all legal consequences arising therefrom.

8. The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

1) Mechanical damage to the surface of the image sensor inside the camera unit, including scratches;

2) The defects of the image sensor inside the machine after use, such as dead pixels and bad lines;

3) Physical damage to the camera due to human factors;

4) Physical damage to the camera due to force majeure (accidents, disasters, wars, earthquakes, etc.);

5) The port is burnt due to leakage of the power supply (not well grounded);

6) The camera is damaged due to excessive input voltage.

9. Parts that have been replaced by the limited warranty are not returned to the user.

10. Shipping cost to and from dealer or service centre are at user's charge. Dealer, distributor or manufacturer are not responsible for any damage or loss occurring during the shipment to and from dealer or service centre of repaired/replaced parts.

11. If the contents of this clause are inconsistent with the national regulations. The national regulations shall prevail.

12. For products by other manufacturers (i.e. Movcam) delivered together with Kinefinity products, the warranty policy provided by their respective manufacturers shall prevail.