KineCARE is an optional extended warranty and service plan for a Kinefinity camera with fast and efficient repair and replacement service - Europe wide.

available KineCARE options


  • replacement of defective camera body (within 2 working days)
  • free loaner unit during the entire repair time
  • 7/7 days emergency hotline
  • free shipping inside E.U.
  • priority support handling
  • valid for 12 months


  • 12 months extended warranty
  • shipping cost partially included
  • priority support handling
Terra 4K
399 € ex.VAT
549 € ex.VAT
799 € ex.VAT
Terra 4K

KineCARE is only valid for one camera body with one set of accessories. It can be purchased together with the camera body or added later.

If during the first period of 12 months a KineCARE customer does not need to use the service, the renewal fee for the next year will be reduced by 50%.

NOTE: if KineCARE "FLY" is purchased after the initial purchase of the camera body there will be a 14 days grace period before the service can be made use of.

KineCARE "FLY" includes: 

  • 7/7 days emergency hotline (for emergencies only) with live trouble shooting. Language is available in English, German and French
  • Delivery within 2 business days of a replacement camera or part** to any location within mainland Europe and inside E.U.
  • Pick-up of your defective camera body by UPS***
  • Shipping to and from the service/repair centre or manufacturer and back to user's location within mainland Europe and inside E.U.
  • Return shipment (from user to dealer/distributor) of the replacement camera unit
  • KineCARE customers can keep using the replacement camera until the day their repaired/replaced camera unit was received

NOTE: The camera body exchange service of KineCARE "FLY" does apply even if the damage is user inflicted. However, the warranty does not cover user inflicted damages. Please read the warranty policy for clarification.

KineCARE "PARTS" includes: 

  • 12 months extended full warranty, applying to all parts (except for sensor) and labour. Shipping cost back to the user or dealer are included.
  • In case of a problem or warranty claim KineCARE customers obtain prioritised support to their inquiries, leading to faster solutions and shorter repair times.

NOTE: KineCARE "PARTS" does NOT apply if the damage is user inflicted. Please read the warranty policy for clarification.

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* This offer only applies to countries within the legal borders of the European Union and within the physical territory of mainland Europe - Countries outside of E.U. or special shipping zones may be subject to additional costs.
** This applies to parts that are absolutely necessary for minimum needs of operating the camera.
*** Pick-up will be done at the earliest possible time in respect to UPS terms and conditions, a contact person needs to be present within reach of UPS' service area and within E.U. territory.