February 4, 2021
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One Shot TPSY wine commercial with MAVO LF

The following text is a guest article by www.tpsy.wine

In the summer of 2020, the year very few of us enjoyed, filmmakers Peter and Elisa truly enjoyed using MAVO LF camera to create a brand video for TPSY. A new kid on the block, TPSY is a wine in a can for cool people who want to drink good quality drinks, wherever they go.

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DOP - Peter Bromme | peterbromme.com

The brand video was shot outside in different locations and in varying light conditions. Both Peter and Elisa found Mavo LF to be just what they needed to create a film that captured the energetic, colourful and diverse Berlin moments.

"The large-format sensor of the MAVO LF gave us the opportunity to use wide frames without the distortion that we would have gotten on an S35 sensor”, explained Peter. “It made it possible to move around completely handheld, without too much shaking and with an organic feel of movement. It also gave us the opportunity to show the urban settings of Berlin, as we saw more background than on tighter frames.”

DOP - Peter Bromme | peterbromme.com

Elisa had the pleasure to work with Kinefinity cameras since 2012, and for her the Mavo LF model is hands-down the best model so far. Last year she shot 3 different projects using Mavo LF: a documentary, a dance music video, and the TPSY wine commercial. "The camera worked very well for all the different projects as It’s small, handy and produces a beautiful picture that is a real pleasure to grade,” said Elisa. "The capacity to shoot 4K, 6K, and slow-motion allows for a wide range of possibilities and flexibility.” She found this especially useful if she needed to change the number of frames per second for more cinematic dance shots, adjust the resolution for cropping in post-production, or stabilise handheld footage.

DOP - Peter Bromme | peterbromme.com

Elisa also really enjoyed grading the footage from the TPSY shoot using Davinci Resolve. "We could recover all information on overexposed or underexposed pictures, which resulted in rich and bright colours while keeping the soft picture and pastel tones.
I have no doubt I'll be using Mavo LF for my future projects and recommend it to other filmmakers too!”

Here is the full video on vimeo: 

The text is written by our cameraman Peter Bromme (https://www.instagram.com/peterbromme/, https://peterbromme.com/) and director Elisa Cucinelli (https://www.instagram.com/elisa______________/, https://www.elisacucinelli.com).

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