November 9, 2020
Michel Juknat

Show us what you got with Kine Moments

Introducing: Kinefinity MOMENTS

show us your most memorable moments with Kinefinity cameras (and win a prize)

With #kinemoments we offer the chance to the kinecommunity to show their most striking achievements or just interesting images of their cameras.

How it works

- make a post on instagram or facebook with your image, video or other.
- use the hashtags #kinefinity and #kinemoments
- send us a link and short description by email :
- accepted media are: camera stills, videos, BTS, pictures of your camera setup

Price Pool

KineBat 75 + USB Type-C charger: KineBat 75Wh is Kinefinity's innovative and super lightweight V-mount battery. Equipped with USB Type-C In/Outputs it allows for ultra fast charging. The compact size of the battery and its charger makes it the perfect travel companion for filmmakers. It can of course be used with standard V-mount chargers and other camera makes and models.

More info about KineBat 75

PD-charger Hybrid charger + GripBat 4S: As the name suggests, PD-charger is a hybrid and can charge two different battery types at the same time. This will come especially handy when Kinefinity's future camera lines' power supply will be based on GripBat 4S and 2S.

More info about PD Hybrid Dual Charger

Electric Screwdriver: This battery powered electric screw driver may seem like a gimmick but it's actually a serious tool. It has long ago become standard among Kinefinity's technicians and so you too should be able benefit from its magic.


  • Entries are valid if a kinefinity camera is in a picture or if the footage comes from a kinefinity camera
  • This program is only available to participants in the USA and the European Union
  • By submitting your entry you allow us to repost your post
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