October 18, 2019
Kenneth Ishii

MAVO Primes VS. Zeiss Standard Speeds - Comparison Review and Video

It's quite remarkable how much these lenses are flying under the radar. I really struggled to find footage and information before I bought them. I got one of the first sets in Europe in August this year. 

Now, I went on a tv-series shoot right after that so I didn't have a chance to work with them for a while. I finally shot a short film with them last weekend. I will start the grade next week, after that I will be more informed. As I got the opportunity to shoot them in many different situations and lighting conditions (on an Alexa Mini LF).

I have also made a flare and bokeh test comparing them with Zeiss standard speeds on a regular Alexa mini that I should be able to upload quite soon. Will make sure to post a link here when ready.

But initial impression is that they are a bit of a combination of a modern and vintage look. 

Modern in the sense that they are very sharp, all they way to the edges. A bit german in that regard if you will. Bokeh is soft and even, not that funkiness (which I also can like) that you find in Cooke Panchros and older glass. Round and even out of focus highlights.

Vintage when it comes to flares as they are easy to flare and they got nice warm flares with color hoops if you push for it. Good stuff.

The housing and build is great, really well built as far as I can tell. I think they found a good size and weight for them. Markings are well spaced and visible. My set seems to be correct on the marks as well. But of course using them for a couple of years will be crucial to know from a service perspective.

So far I really like them and hope they get much more attention, they deserve it. Hope this helps.

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