November 12, 2019
Michel Juknat

Kinefinity™ products now benefit from a 2 years warranty period in Europe

The warranty period for selected Kinefinity™ products has been extended to 2 years (24 months starting from the date of purchase) for E.U. based users. This is effective immediately and applicable to purchases prior to this date.

Which products are concerned?

Kinefinity™ Terra 4K, MAVO and MAVO LF cameras as well as all accessories compatible with these series.

Which countries in Europe are included?

Currently the 2 year warranty applies only to end users and dealers residing in countries which are part of the European Union and Switzerland.

What is included in the warranty?

The warranty includes full coverage of parts and labour. Shipping cost to and from the dealer or the European service centre are not included. Read the full warranty policy here

How can I activate my 2 years warranty?

Please go to Kinefinity-Europe's warranty registration page and fill out the details. Once your information is processed you will receive a confirmation email (usually within 48hrs) from the service centre.

What happens if I sell my camera or bought a second hand camera?

The right to warranty is part of the camera (or product), it can be transferred with the products from one person to another. In case of a sale, the new owner should register the camera to his name using the same warranty registration form.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Visit the Kinefinity-Europe support page and fill out the yellow form. This will be received directly by the Kinefinity-Europe service centre and you will get a reply, usually within hours of submitting your case.

Do I need a proof or receipt to benefit from the warranty?

In general once you register your products you will benefit from the warranty. Products with a serial number can be traced back by the manufacturer to find out on what date they have been shipped out, in this case the serial number of the camera or product is enough to benefit fully from the warranty. For products without serial number we may require a proof of purchase. Aside from this, for safety reasons, in some cases we may ask for proof of ownership so please make sure you keep the invoice or bill of sale.

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