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Interview with DOP and director Bastian G. Godoy

What do you keep in mind when shooting with the MAVO Edge?

I usually strive to have a nice exposure and remain close to the middle grey when shooting with any camera.
I always keep in mind that I have the ability to modify the ISO highlights stops.
So, if I'm in a tricky position where the highlights are pushing the limits, I start experimenting with the ISO highlights settings to see what is the most beneficial stop to stay at.

Which features of the MAVO Edge did you find particularly helpful?

An internal variable ND filter is definitely one of my favourites.
The fact that the 1TB Kinemag is so compact that you can transfer data with simply a USB-C cable and no additional card reader makes life easier.

How was the workflow with the MAVO Edge?

The workflow is identical to that of any high-end cinema camera, if not easier because the camera is not as big as the others.

Can you compare the Edge with the LF?

EDGE is a beast, and so is the LF!

What do you think of the features and characteristics of the MAVO Edge?

Big format sensors are typically found in the most costly cameras on the market, I consider it a blessing to be able to have such a high-quality large format sensor.
The dynamic range is comparable to other high-end cameras, with good detail information and little noise, unless you use these insanely high sensitivity ISOs.
I love slow motion, and this camera provides the frame rates I require to capture my favourite moments.
I believe it is suited for big production and large projects, because you have the necessary codecs and resolutions. Also, for action sports that require a high frame rate without sacrificing resolution.

Would you use the Edge again?

I’m quite fortunate, so I've used it a few more times in interesting projects.
I'm hoping they'll be ready soon so I can share them with you.

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