KineMINI KineMAX Warranty

Kinefinity offers 3 years warranty on all cameras, 1 year on accessories

During the first year: all parts and manpower are free

During the second and third year: parts need to be purchased, manpower is free


Warranty Policy

The following warranty policy has effect during the first 36 months after reception of the camera unit and it’s accessories by the buyer. If a user has any trouble or problems with operating Kinefinity cameras the following terms will apply:

1. The user must immediately cease operation of the camera and contact MJIT Berlin or their local dealer.

2. If the problem cannot be fixed by phone, the user is required to send the camera directly and only to MJIT Berlin to the following address:

Richard-Sorge-Str. 13
10249 Berlin

3. After reception and first inspection of the camera, MJIT Berlin’s specialist will determine if the problem can be fixed locally.

4. If the problem can only be fixed by Kinefinity Inc. Headquarters, MJIT Berlin will send the defecteous unit to Kinefinity Inc. in Beijing, China.

5. In order to determine who has the charge of the fees related to the repair the responsibility of the origin of the problems or defects will be determined :

a. Manufacturer inflected problems or defects:
If the problem is related to errors during the manufacturing process or some components have deteriorated prematurily, all shipping fees will be refunded to the user by MJIT Berlin. A replacement unit will be sent to him (additional fees apply for express shipment) which he will be allowed to use fully during the entire duration of the repair period
b. User inflected problems or defects:
If the user has himself contributed to damaging the camera either by accident or inproper operation, the shipping fees to MJIT Berlin and if necessary to Kinefinity Inc. will be at his charge. A replacement camera will be sent to the user at request and is subject to a weekly rental fee applicable during the entire period of the repair.

6. MJIT Berlin and Kinefinity Inc. deny any liability for delays in the shipment of a replacement camera or the user’s unit related to customs declaration, weather conditions or any other cause.

7. All shipments will be made with full insurance according to the value of the content of the package.