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KineMINI is available NOW. Due to the high amount of orders and the individual configurations for each customer we do not stock Kinemini yet. Delivery time varise from 2 and 8 weeks.

NO! All Kinefinity Products and cameras are imported and cleared of all duty fees by MJIT. Users don’t need to pay any additional import duties when buying within European Union.

YES! simply tell us your EU VAT ID Number and we will issue an invoice without VAT.

YES! Orders from buyers in Non-EU Member States are also handled by MJIT, invoices are without VAT.

KineMAX 6K is supposed to be launched around the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015

Technical Questions – Key Parameters, Basic Config of KineMINI™

KineMINI™ Records video as CinemaDNG and Cineform RAW mov online.

Both codecs are very high RAW images; for RAW clips, there is no color sampling at all, equivalent to RGB444.

Bit depth of Both codecs are 12bits.

Yes, the Latitude of KineMINI is same with KineRAW-S35: > 13 f-stops at 2K, and 12 f-stops at 4K.

KineMINI Can record high resolution up to 4K@30fps(4096×2160@30fps); But 4K recording is an in-camera OPTION, in another word pure camera body does not have the 4K option.

If no 4K recording option, you can also record 2K/1080p/720p, in-camera with Cineform and CinemaDNG codec.

You need to buy 4K recording option if you want to record 4K directly into in-camera SSD. You can have option to upgrade to 4K recording after you buy camera:

  1. Buy 4K recording option online with your camera S/N, no need to return camera back to Kinefinity;
  2. Get special 4K soft Key matching to your camera;
  3. Install the 4K soft Key on your camera;
  4. Reboot, it can record 4K RAW in camera.

KineMINI Can record high fps up to 1080p@96fps(1920×1080@96fps); But HiSpeed recording is an in-camera OPTION, in another word pure camera body does not have the HiSpeed option. Under current firmware, KineMINI provides following resolution and fps combo for HiSpeed mode:

  1. 2048×1080p@92fps;
  2. 1920x1080p@96fps;
  3. 1920×864p  @120fps: it is 1080p 2.39:1 Flat.

If no HiSpeed recording option, you can also record 2K/1080p@60fps or 720p@100fps/60fps, at crop mode.

You need to buy HiSpeed recording option if you want to record HiSpeed directly into in-camera SSD. You can have option to upgrade to HiSpeed recording after you buy camera:

  1. Buy HiSpeed recording option online, no need to return camera back to Kinefinity;
  2. Get special HiSpeed soft Key matching to your camera;
  3. Install the HiSpeed soft Key on your camera;
  4. Reboot, it can record HiSpeed in camera.

Nearly the same, but image of KineMINI will be sharper than the old versions, because OLPF for KineMINI is optimised for 4K.

OLPF on KineMINI is optimised for 4K, while KineRAW-MINI/S35 is optimised for 2K.

KineMINI can record four formats at real time:

  1. Cineform RAW mov; for 2K, 720p, 2K crop; .
  2. Uncompressed CinemaDNG sequence; (like KineRAW-MINI): 4K, 2K, 720p, 2K Crop;
  3. Compressed lossless CinemaDNG sequence: 4K, 2K, 720p, 2K Crop;
  4. Compressed lossless KNG sequence; (defined by Kinefinity): HiSpeed 2K, and Sport Mode;

Notes: KNG should be transcoded by KineStation into Cineform RAW/RGB444/ProRes422HQ, so that it can be used in DI and NLE software

The data rates are big different dependent on resolution and codecs/record formats, assuming 128GB KineMAG SSD:

  1. 4K Uncompressed CinemaDNG sequence: 332MB/s; 7mins.
  2. 4K Compressed lossless CinemaDNG sequence: 166MB/s; 13mins;
  3. 2K Uncompressed CinemaDNG sequence: 83MB/s; 27mins;
  4. 2K Compressed lossless CinemaDNG sequence: 42MB/s; 53mins;
  5. 2K Cineform RAW mov: 20MB/s; 135mins
  6. 2K KNG sequence: 100MB/s, 20mins;

Yes. KineMINI is capable of slow motion capture (overcrank), especially new KineMINI featuring HiSpeed option.

It supports high fps up to 96fps @ 1080p when in S35mm HiSpeed mode; and fps up to 60fps @2K and 1080p when in S16mm crop framing mode if you don’t buy HiSpeed mode.

All the Slow-Mo recordings do not have limitation on recording time.

For HiSpeed mode, it is captured in S35mm framing, and there is no recording time limitation.

For HiSpeed mode, it is captured in S35mm framing, and KNG sequence which can be converted into Cineform RGB444 or ProRes by KineStation offline. Its data rates as following over 128GB KineMAG SSD:

  1. HiSpeed 1080p @24fps: 105MB/s, 20mins;
  2. HiSpeed 1080p @50fps: 200MB/s, 10mins;
  3. HiSpeed 1080p @96fps: 420MB/s, 5mins.

Yes. KineMINI is capable of quick motion capture (undercrank). As of undercrank/Quick-Mo, the lowest fps is down to 6fps under current firmware. You can set any custom sensor fps between lowest and highest fps, the accuracy is 0.001fps, while recording fps is set by project fps in the camera. It provides much more possibilities over fixed fps like 24, 25, 30fps.

KineMINI employs a state-of-art 4K S35mm CMOS sensor. It does suffer from some rolling effect. But it shows less rolling effect compared to DSLR cameras. If you want to take action shots, KineMINI features sport mode which reduces rolling effect greatly, seems like global shutter.

Sport Mode is designed to alleviate the rolling greatly, and make KineMINI handle quick movement shootings, like handheld, shots on shoulder, documentary style. The footages would be turned into Cineform RGB444 mov after KineStation transcoding.

Note: Sport Mode takes effect only on 2K and 1080p, not 4K.

It is a S35mm frame size, same with KineRAW-S35, like most mainstream S35 Cinema cameras. Its active frame size is close to APS-C, so its conversion ratio is close to APS-C camera too.

Not exactly.

Kine cameras have two working modes for different resolutions creatively.

  • Full size, means S35mm framing, there are 4K/2K/1080p/720p resolution, and 1080p@96fps, 720@100fps can be used in S35mm framing;
  • Cropping, means S16mm framing, there also are 2K/1080p/720p; in this case, 720p@S16mm mode, is cropped from 2K@S35mm.

KineMINI features two high definition display ports with industry standard: 1080p or 720p: you can set the monitoring resolution in-camera.

Yes, there is SDI monitoring output option. One SDI and two HD display ports can provide three monitoring paths and meet the demands for EVF, field monitor, and DP monitor without need any other splitter nor converters.

KineMINI™ has two options on Mount:

  • Native Active EF, supports in-camera Iris control over majority of EF/EF-S lens; display Iris number and tune Iris number electronically.
  • KineMOUNT™ same with KineRAW-S35, KineMOUNT™ is a mount with short FFD, actually omni-mount like other short FFD mount:
    • KineMOUNT + PL mounting adapter, it turns into PL mount;
    • KineMOUNT + EF mounting adapter, it turns into EF mount;
    • KineMOUNT + Nikon F mounting adapter, it turns into Nikon F mount;
    • And even B4, OCT-19 mount.

Note:EF mounting adapter support Iris control, while Nikon F mounting adapter not. Besides, mounting adapters are independent accessories, not included in machine body.

Whole new lock-type EF mount, new lock-type EF mounting adapter, new lock-type Nikon F mounting adapter from 2014 Jan. Its fixing way is very similar to Cine PL mount: lock ring rotation, not lens rotation to make sure EF lens locked firmly and to be contacted well with pogo-pin contact inside of EF mount in any case. Compared to traditional lock way based on spring metal, the new EF mount gains much better stability; fits very well in professional way when video shots using follow-focus gear.

Yes, with extra cost of €499 + shipping & import duties on the replaced/upgraded parts

It CAN playback based on your project fps setting, typically it runs as 25fps. Color shown when playback is based on LUT you chosen: LOG or Rec709, or KineColor. Generally, it records in LUT of REC709.

KineMINI supports MIC-IN, but not MIC with phantom 48V. It will generate two independent uncompressed wave files. Now it is mono, not stereo.

If record format as Cineform RAW mov, KineMINI will embed the audio track into mov file.

Yes, it has fan inside. KineMINI has in-camera fan to cool the camera itself and make camera work well in stable condition.

Fan generates noise. You can choose Record Stop in Fan setting to make FAN stop works temporarily: Fan works when live view; Stops when recording begins so that it is totally quiet when recording. It is very important in quiet environment, and sensitive to any audible noise.

Accessories for KineMINI™

Generally yes, as long as they are accessories with 15mm rod, they could work with KineMINI probably, like Matt-box, follow-focus, etc.

There are many ways to power KineMINI™:

  1. Handhold: you could use small off-the-shelf battery as 18650 Li+ battery with protection if you purchase the KineGrip. KineGrip is a combination of battery holder and controller; Every time you need to use three 18650 batteries at the same time, and batteries can be changed quickly if they are drained. One triplet 18650 batteries (3400mA panasonic) can sustain around 90 mins for KineMINI.
    • Caution: Must use 18650 batteries with protection circuits. Batteries without protected are prohibited to be used for KineMINI.
    • Caution: Try to use genuine panasonic 3400mA/Sanyo 2600mA batteries with 3MOS protection circuits.
    • Caution: Always use Three batteries at the same time, Charge them at the same time.
  2. Studio, Use external broadcasting battery like V-mount SONY battery to power KineMINI by a special D-Tap cord. KineMINI has a push-pull port with 2-PIN, wide voltage range input, from 6V~18V. For a 14.4V broadcasting battery with 130Wh, it can power KineMINI EIGHT hours. Also there is AC-DC adapter to power KineMINI directly.
  3. Steadicam, KineMINI can be powered directly from Movcam Steadicam by a special power cable.
  4. Customized, Even you could DIY a power cable to power KineMINI based our power cord with open ended.

The great thing of KineGrip for KineMINI™ 4K can use industry standard 18650 batteries. KineGrip with New Battery Holder must use three 18650 batteries with protection one time. Battery holder can be easily operated for batteries replacement.

New KineMINI can work up to 90 mins if using new Panasonic 18650 batteries with 3400mA capacity.

As of 18650 batteries which KineMINI uses, guidelines are following:

  1. Must use 18650 battery with protection: Strongly recommend to employ 18650 batteries with 3MOS protection circuits. 3MOS protection circuits: it can protect 18650 Li batteries effectively when voltage of battery drops much;
  2. Must use three batteries as triplet: charging, usage, storage;
  3. Never rip off the thin film around the 18650 batteries: these film are to solid the protection circuits with batteries.
  4. Do Not charge batteries with large current: avoid charging current over 1A. Recommend NiteCore I4 charger from Kinefinity Store. It takes around 4~6 hrs if charging a 3400mA battery to full state.


  1. Sanyo 2600mA 18650 battery with 3MOS protection circuits;
  2. Panasonic 3400mA 18650 battery with 3MOS protection circuits;

Alway buy and use them in triplet, Recommend purchase link: Powerfocus batteries triplet (in Tmall).

Note: we did some tests on the two type batteries, but there is no promise that their batteries can always meet the spec.

Yes, you can buy 18650 battery holder separately, with three colour options: White/Blue/Red, pricing as €49.

Battery holder is printed with 3D tech.

In-camera options, means they are built-in before shipment. You need to return camera body to Kinefinity for later purchase. It may take 3~5 working days for it.

  1. 4K Recording Option: KineMINI Can record uncompressed 4K RAW CinemaDNG and compressed lossless DNG too. You can use the DNG directly, or employ free KineStation to transcode DNG into 4K Cineform RAW mov, RGB444 mov, 4K ProRes422HQ mov. It does not need to return Camera back to factory to upgrade the option so that you can purchase it and upgrade it after you bought camera.
  2. HiSpeed Option: is a special mode for sensor capturing high speed objects. Its codec is same with sport mode as compressed lossless RAW sequence named as KNG by Kinefinity. It can capture 1080p slow motion up to 100fps, and no recording time limit till your KineMAG full.
  3. 3G SDI Monitoring Option: supports SDI monitoring output for broadcasting monitors, the resolution is same as HD display output as 1080p or 720p.
  4. 3D SYNC Option: KineMINI can take real 3D shots. Just one SYNC cable to connect two KineMINI SYNC port, set up Master and Slave instantly. 3D SYNC means: Scan sync, frame sync and time code sync, less than 5uS of mismatch!
  5. WIFI Control Option: Control camera by wifi control app (KineRemote) on iPad now. Download App directly from Apple App Store.

There are many available accessories for KineMINI camera: not only from Kinefinity, but also from third-party companies, off-the-shelf, qualified and measured by Kinefinity:

  •     High-speed, reliable and professional KineMAG SSD;
  •     Multi-function control and battery holder: KineGrip;
  •     Movcam basic KIT, specially for KineMINI: KineKIT;
  •     Maybe best third-party EVF: Alphatron EVF;
  •     High performance-to-price ratio EVF: Cineroid EVF4C ;
  •     KR-MINI power cord: D-Tap to MINI Power Cord;

There are more accessories as follows:

More KineMINI Accessories from Kinefinity,including cables, solid cases, etc.;
More Movcam General Accessories, including follow-focus, Matte-box, quick plate, power plate, etc. ;
More Third-party high quality accessories,like professional wireless monitoring solution, De-noise software, Resolve Tutorials, etc. ;

Kine cameras do not prohibit users from using third-party SSD. Users could try to use third-party SSD, but generally speaking, third-party SSD are consumer-type, often using MLC flash memory chip even TLC memory chip. As known, MLC and TLC suffers from stability and much lower durance, compared to SLC Flash. KineMAG employs high quality SLC flash memory chip. Only KineMAG SSD is recommended.

Note: Performance on data spec are guarantied by KineMAG SSD. There is no technical support or help on recording issues such as frame drop or data loss if using third-party SSD.

The camera body itself does not have EVF nor LCD Monitor, but you can choose to buy any EVF or LCD from one hundred USD to thousand USD based on your budget.

Alphatron EVF (iPhone Retina LCD, HD monitoring &SDI) and Cineroid EVF4C (480p, HD monitoring) are recommended. Kine users can get 10% off discount if buying on Kinefinity Online Store.

KineGrip provides not only power to KineMINI, but also provides full control. The battery inside of handgrip is changeable, and provides around 70 minutes of powering KineMINI. KineMINI can switch handgrip battery and external power like broadcast battery or DC IN, smoothly and hot-swap, like UPS. The dials and buttons on KineGrip can control Iris (if EF lens), ISO directly, and other camera parameters.

KineKIT is designed, made specifically for KineMINI by Movcam. It is a basic KIT, that means do NOT including Matt-box nor Follow-Focus. It features lightweight and robustness, and is compatible with any accessories with 15mm rod system.

It includes:

  •     Foldable Upper Handgrip: x1;
  •     Side Support Rig: x2;
  •     Detachable Bottom Riser: x1;
  •     Al Rod of 15mm diameter, 300mm Length: x2;
  •     Al Rod of 15mm diameter, 200mm Length: x1;

Its price is just €499

Warranty & Repair

Kinefinity offers 3 years warranty on all cameras, 1 year on accessories

During the first year: all parts and manpower are free

During the second and third year: parts need to be purchased, manpower is free

NO! MJIT handles all shipments of Kinefinity cameras and accessories to Headquarters in Beijing. All items must be shipped to MJIT’s Office in Berlin, Germany.

Depending on the dammage, the repair time varies between 4 to 8 weeks.