KineRAW S35: Shooting and Grading Sample



We wanted test our first KineRAW S35 in “commercial conditions” and produced a little spec taking advantage of the last sunny days this year. Click below for a production report and the obligatory graded/ungraded face-off.


“Le Bistro” shot on location at CAFE BUTTER, Berlin in Cineform RAW useing RED zoom, Zeiss CP2 Compact Primes and a Zeiss Olympia Sonnar 180mm

Directed by Michael S. Ruscheinsky
Director of photography: Johannes Funk
Makeup: Lea Nehring
Cast: Jessika Strulik, Margarita Ruhl, Mitch Bozzo, Paul Alpha

Thanks to Tectum Raum & Zeit Rental and AHA postproduction for supporting the project.

Keep on eye on the november issue of Film & TV Kameramann magazine who are set to release an in-depth report on the post production of “Le Bistro”. There is also a production report in their September Issue.

More infos on the post-production of “Le Bistro” will be added soon.


1. RAW – no grading

2. Comparision: Color Grading / No Grading

3. Finished

You can download some sample DNG frames from this shot here



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