KineMAG Solid State Drive 64GB

High Speed: Records 2K uncompressed RAW at 24fps with constant 90MB/s. Also capable of simultaneous recording of uncompressed RAW and Cineform RAW.

Reliable and long living: Based on SLC flash the KineMAG guarantees a much longer lifetime than MLC flash cards.

Industry-standard SATA II interface: Maximum compatibility – simply plug your FireWire or USB cable into your workstation.

  • Certified compatibility
    KineMAG™ SSD cards are born to match KineRAW cameras: they can handle high bandwidth Cinema DNG recording as well as simultaneous recording of uncompressed RAW and Cineform™ RAW. Recording 2K uncompressed RAW at 24fps is accomplished with constant bandwidth of about 90MB/s. Accordingly, the maximum recording time is approximately 12, 24 and 48 minutes – depending of the SSD’s size. As of Cineform™ RAW, responding recording time is approximately 70, 140 and 280 minutes.
  • Reliability and longevity
    KineMAG™ SSD cards are built with SLC flash instead of MLC flash technology, as often the case with no name SSD cards. SLC flash technology provides additional backup to avoid drop-frames and ensures a much longer life-time of your SSD.
  • Industry standard interface
    KineMAG™ SSD cards come with standard SATA II interfaces to guarantee maximum compatibility. All you have to do for importing footage to your workstation is to plug in a FireWire or USB cable. The cards are pre-formated for Apple Macintosh but compatibility with Windows workstations is assured when using widely accessible software such as MacDrive or HFSexplorer (freeware).



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