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MAVO and MAVO LF are based on the same image process platform, using advanced color processing architecture and whole new CMOS image sensors to achieve super low-noise, high dynamic range. Whether it is the S35 format version of MAVO or the large-format version of MAVO LF, the 6K cameras can bring stunning details and organic images. MAVO LF with large-format sensor provides cleaner images, wider viewing angles, shallower depth of field, and more immersive presence for cinematographers.

Both MAVO and MAVO LF can shoot 6K wide 66fps, 4K wide 100fps slo-mo. Both slow-mo and normal frame rate can get the same superior images, more than 14 stops of latitude, pleasing skin tones and shadow details are reserved perfectly. With 6K 3:2 aspect ratio, in addition to the conventional 16:9 and 17:9 standard aspect ratio, the CMOS sensor can also provide a variety of image formats, such as 4:3, 6:5 S35 anamorphic shooting, even the open gate 6016×4016, up to 24 million pixels’ images!

Also, MAVO provides three kinds of intermediate codecs suitable for editing and color grading to simplify the workflow and provide the maximum room for post-processing. For KineRAW, KRW2.0 as compressed RAW has compression ratio from 2:1~10:1. To work with Davinci Resolve, MAVO can record cinema DNG now, and the compression ratio can be set to 3:1, 5:1, or 7:1.

MAVO and MAVO LF keep the tiny camera body though the doubled processing ability and more encoding ability, and are compatible with most TERRA accessories. It benefits from MAVO’s advanced computation architecture and low-power design so that it packs such powerful performance into such a small and reliable body. After inserting a wireless card (DarkTower platform) into the new KineBACK-W, MAVO and MAVO LF turn into a wireless camera: wireless video transmission and wireless lens control system (support Movcam), which greatly simplifies the connection between the camera and the accessories, improves reliability and durability significantly.

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S35 MAVO employs S35 CMOS image sensor, 3:2 aspect ratio, 24x16mm, resolution up to 6016×4016, perfectly matches S35 lenses, or APS-C and full-frame lenses. The S35′s anamorphic lenses also work with MAVO’s 6:5 or 4:3 modes perfectly. At the S35 format, you can shoot 6K up to 50fps; for 6K Wide up to 66fps. In crop mode, 4K Wide is up to 100fps!


Large Format MAVO LF employs a full-frame CMOS image sensor, physical size as 36x24mm, resolution is over 6K: 6016×4016. Compared to the S35 format sensor, the large format CMOS sensor is 2.25 times larger, the exposure area is bigger, the single pixel pitch is larger, the SNR is better, then the picture is cleaner. In addition, large format offers a wider perspective, shallower depth of field and more immersive presence. You can use not only cinema lenses designed for large format like MAVO Prime, CP3, Cooke S7i, Arri Signature Prime, but also a large number of existing full-frame still camera lenses.

ISO With the advanced CMOS sensor process technology, the CMOS sensor has lower noise level, roughly equivalent to half of TERRA 6K noise, so as to obtain higher sensitivity. Although the base ISO is 800, the noise remains still low at 1600, 2560, and 3200. If the rendering output is 4K or 2K resolution, the ISO can be even higher, and the output is still sharp and clean.

Higher ISO MAVO LF works with a whole-new full-frame CMOS image sensor. The large pixel pitch with latest CMOS process tech, provides high sensitivity and best low-light performance. Its base ISO is 1600. The noise level remain very low at ISO 2560, 3200, 5120.The ISO can be even higher if the rendering output is downsampled to 4K or 2K.

FPS and Optical Format MAVO uses a high-speed, low-noise S35 CMOS image sensor (cropping factor is 1.5) and the dynamic range is more than 14 stops at 6K resolution and various cropping modes. The frame rate is up to 66fps at S35 6K Wide and is up to 100fps at M43 4K Wide. The bit depth of RAW format is 12 bits. When ProRes, it also supports in-camera oversampling, which directly outputs S35 4K/3K/2K resolution. Since the native frame rate is much higher than TERRA 6K, the “rolling” effect is also much lower than TERRA 6K.

Versatile Optical Format MAVO LF uses a high-speed, low-noise, full-frame CMOS image sensor with over 14 stops of dynamic range at 6K resolution and cropping modes. At full-frame optical format, the frame rate can also reach 6K Wide 66fps. At the S35 format, the frame rate can reach 4K Wide 100fps. This is also an advantage of the large-format CMOS image sensor, higher slow-mo ability at S35 format. Similarly, the RAW format has 12 bits, and the ProRes format supports in-camera oversampling and can directly output 4K/3K/2K resolution at full frame. The “rolling” effect is also much lower than TERRA 6K.



4K 100FPS Both MAVO and MAVO LF have very good slow-mo ability. Both output 66fps at 6K Wide, and directly record to 100fps at 4K Wide, 120fps at 3K Wide when cropping mode and 192fps at 2K Wide. It also has quick-mo ability, the lowest frame rate is 2fps. The frame rate can be set between 2fps and the highest frame rate supported, the accuracy of 0.001fps. While shooting, it is recorded at the project frame rate (for example, 25 fps).


Compressed RAW  CinemaDNG returns to MAVO, Kine camera again with configurable compression ratio! The codec is a big difference from TERRA. MAVO can in-camera record compressed RAW with CinemaDNG format, and the compression ratio is configurable, from 3:1, 5:1 to 7:1. Da Vinci Resolve natively supports CinemaDNG, so that you can directly import, edit and grade the CinemaDNG footage shot by MAVO in Davinci Resolve! No matter 3:1, 5:1 or 7:1, every format is able to achieve super high quality image and room for post-production.


KineRAW (.krw) codec, cinema-level codec is developed by Kinefinity with great efforts and resources. KRW2.0 is a compressed RAW with compression ratio from 2:1 to 10:1, so that it can be recorded as RAW when very high resolution and very high frame rate. If compression ratio is 3:1, one 500GB KineMAG SSD could record around 100 minutes 4K RAW clips with its data rate slightly larger than ProRes422HQ. It really fits 4K, 6K recording and HiSpeed recording: reserving max grading room, saving much storage spaces and easier data backup.

Wireless Camera  After inserting a wireless card (DarkTower platform) into the new KineBACK-W, MAVO and MAVO LF turn into a wireless camera: wireless video transmission and wireless lens control system (support Movcam), which greatly simplifies the connection between the camera and the accessories, improves reliability and durability significantly. The wireless video can work with 2000ft/3000ft based on different wireless card.

2.5″ SSD recording media MAVO employs standard 2.5″ 7mm SSD SATA3.0 as recording media to provide compatibility of 3rd-party SSD, though MAVO is so small. There are lots of off-the-shelf 7mm SSD available. However performance of 3rd party SSD is not guaranteed, only official 7mm KineMAG 500G/1T SSD is recommended for serious shootings.

Custom in-camera LUT  You can upload the LUT/color style which you like, or DP like, or designed by post house to MAVO, so that the workflow from shooting to post will be optimised and reduce the time for you, also help on-site lighting and art work. For recording with custom LUT, it does not burn into footage: footage is always logged (by KineLOG3), on-site LUT for monitoring is saved to the same folder. The size of 3D LUT is from 8x8x8 up to 33x33x33.


4K 4:3 Anamorphic MAVO provides 5.3K 4:3 frame as 5376×4016@40fps, 4.8K 6:5 frame as 4864×4016@40fps. Since the height of sensor is around 16mm, these anamorphic formats can be regarded as S35 anamorphic. When aspect ratio of 4:3 matches anamorphic lens with factor of 2, the image will be 10752×4016 with the desqueezed process in post-workflow or monitoring.

Multi-Framing Oversampling + Crop mode + KineEnhancer = infinity combination of resolution, fps and framing. With the help of in-camera oversampling, MAVO records to 6K ProRes, but also 4K/3K/2K ProRes with sharper and more clean images at S35. The framing can be from S35 up to full frame if using KineEnhancer, while cropping mode can boost the higher fps. Of course, MAVO LF does not need KineEnhancer to get full frame. MAVO supports above three modes to get multi-framing and multi res, at different fps.

KineMOUNT as Omni Mount KineMOUNT is the native lens mount of TERRA. It provides enough possibility due to its short FFD(15mm). New KineMOUNT is re-designed to be light with electronic contact (active) in order to support new PL mounting adapter with /i tech and new cordless EF mounting adapter, EF mounting adapter with KineEnhancer, Nikon F mounting adapter, new SONY FE/E mounting adapter, EF/PL mounting adapters with electronic ND(e-ND), etc.

Selected Accessories MAVO is designed to be compatible with TERRA accessories KineBACK-W provides more than SDI monitoring, XLR 48V audio, V-mount plate, regulated DC output, timecode sync and 3D sync in one little module, but also it base on Darktower platform to support wireless video and lens control. KineMON as fullHD 5″ monitor is powered and is fed video from TERRA body by only one cord. SideGrip, as new handgrip w/ powering and control from GripBAT 45Wh(BP-U30 compatible) battery, more than one hour for usage. KineBAT 120Wh as Super compact V-mount battery provides over four hours to TERRA. KineKIT-TERRA from Movcam takes into account of MAVO in different scenarios, such as hand-held, tripod, on shoulder, gimbal, high and low shooting angles, etc., which makes it best choice for TERRA.


As the flagship product of the Kine cameras, MAVO is not only equipped with new high-speed, low-noise CMOS image sensors, but also MAVO LF employs a new full-format CMOS imaging sensor which opens the era of large-format production with other top large-format cameras. For the in-camera encoding codec, the compressed CinemaDNG format is available, so that the RAW footage can be directly imported, edited and graded in DaVinci Resolve, simplifying the RAW workflow greatly. At the same time, MAVO still remains pleasing color science with wider dynamic range, and it also features super compact and lightweight camera body and sufficient reliability.