Terra 5K

Kinefinity TERRA Super 35mm 5K Camera


TERRA, Cinema Camera with high performance, while easy to be used like DSLR for video shooting. It is so light down to 920g! Employing S35 frame CMOS sensor, it can record up to 5K or 6K resolution; 4K slow-mo up to 100fps, 2K slow-mo up to 200fps. ProRes422HQ(.mov) and lossless RAW(.krw) can be recorded in-camera on 2.5′ SSD directly, so TERRA speeds up post-workflow greatly if using ProRes and also keeps max room for post processing if using lossless RAW(.krw).

No Boundaries for cinematographers equipped with TERRA.
Powerful CMOS Sensor: Dual Shutter Modes

TERRA 5K is the only one cinema camera with dual shutter modes in the market. That means TERRA 5K could choose rolling shutter to get widest latitude, lowest noise level and fastest frame rates, and also switch to Global shutter to get zero-distortion in moving situation. The latitude is up to 15 f-stops at rolling shutter, and 13 f-stops at global shutter. 5K@60fps, 4K@100fps, 2K@200fps.

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