Terra 4K

Kinefinity TERRA 4K digital cinema camera

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4K+ Resolution TERRA 4K is capable of Capturing and Recording 4K+ as 4096×2800 RAW (.krw) or Apple ProRes without external recorder. Its vertical resolution is up to 2800, more 30% than regular 4K UHD/DCI resolution, easier for 4:3 anamorphic shooting. With the advanced CMOS process technology, the CMOS sensor has lower noise level, half of TERRA 6K, and its base ISO is up to 1600.

14 stops with Dual Native ISO TERRA 4K employs a whole-new CMOS image sensor featuring with Dual Native ISO : 3200/800. It captures low-noise and wide-latitude images in regular scenes or low-light environment, easily. The latitude reaches up to 14 stops at regular 4K and cropping mode, and even more than 14 stops at whole frame 2K mode (using all pixels and oversampling down to 2K).

Rolling Shutter The native frame rate of CMOS image sensor of TERRA 4K is up to 100fps, so the TERRA 4K can record 4K wide up to 100fps, 3K wide up to 150fps, 2K wide up to 240fps. At the same time, its rolling effect is very low due to its high native frame rate, even running at regular fps.



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