Update on KineRAW MINI Features and Release Date

Jun 25, 2013 @ 6:47 by Michel Juknat


Hi friends,

today I am in Beijing to gather some first hand information about KineRAW MINI, which features will be available upon the release date and especially when it will be available in Europe:


1. The release had to be postponed a little because the developers saw the need to include a cooling fan into the body. Initially it was planed without cooling fan. The speed of the fan can be adjusted manually and it can also be shut off. There is a temperature indicator which will allow the user to prevent overheating of the unit.

2. The KineRAW MINI will be available with KineMOUNT (Sub-PL-Mount enabling to mount a PL-Mount, EF-Mount, Nikon F-Mount or Active Canon EF-Mount with Iris control) or EF-Mount with built-in iris control for EF Lenses.

3. There will be a software called KineSTATION (for Windows or Mac) which will allow you to transform Cinema DNG files into Cineform RAW within minutes (ab. 10 minutes for 128GB SSD card)

4. The Movcam Kit for MINI is awesome! It’s very lightweight, comes with a foldable Top Handle, a quick release mount to remove the camera from the lower rod mount and a dovetail plate.

5. Stereo 3D syncing will be available with the next firmware upgrade announced for end of July 2013!

The release is announced for mid july, so the first units will ship inside of Europe around end of july, maybe early August. We strongly suggest you place your preorder as soon as possible because demand will be very high and first ones are served first.

For any further information on KineRAW MINI, S35 and other products please contact us by email of phone

thanks, best regards


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